Organic Anti-Ageing Cosmeceuticals



Botanical name: 

Rosa Damascena Flower Water.

Origin: The origin of Damask Rose is the Middle East and some evidences indicate that the origin of rose water is Iran. This plant is cultivated in all over the world including Iran, Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey and India.

Mood-boosting and skin benefits: Due to the plant’s high vitamin, antioxidant and healthy sugar properties, there is a wide range of skin benefits. Rose water has been used to soothe and calm inflammation. The plant boasts a high volume of phenolic compounds within its makeup, making it a good option for comforting and calming irritated skin.

Damask rose floral water is recognized for having an anti-wrinkle effect and promoting skin regeneration, therefore perfectly suitable for mature skin. It also helps hydrate it which is ideal for use in anti-ageing skincare. Its astringent properties work to reduce sebum excess and even out skin tone. Finally, research has found a link between rose water and mood stabilization. Extracts secreted from the petals of rose plants have been found to have light mood-enhancing benefits.