Organic Anti-Ageing Cosmeceuticals



Hi, I'm Veronica.

My sense of commitment and an enquiring mind meant I was always interested in social and environmental issues and keen to contribute from the world of education, research and social engagement.

Being an adventurer to boot, I spent years travelling the world, living and working in different countries and indulging my thirst for exploration and discovery, learning from other cultures and befriending people from very diverse, equally interesting backgrounds.

But when I turned fifty I found that despite the progress and changes women had made, they continued to be overlooked and ignored as they got older.

A mature man is usually considered interesting and experienced. The opposite happens with women.

Wanting to raise the profile of the mature woman and assert her beauty and appeal after forty, I ventured into the world of natural skincare based on organic cosmeceuticals, i.e.

These compounds are a cross between cosmetics and medicine and which influence the biological function of the skin.

Delving into the natural world of plants with some of the world’s leading experts deeply enriched my insights into nature and taught me its great healing power and vitality.

That is how I came to graduate in Organic Cosmetic Science, specializing in anti-ageing treatments.

I then created Green Life.

An organic cosmeceutical brand for mature skin that delivers intensive ultra-hydration, shine and nourishment from day one and provides deep skin revitalization and rejuvenation.

I have been promoting skincare for the mature woman ever since, thanks to this wonderful pairing of science and nature that lets older women show their personal appeal and beauty on the outside, too 😉

“Let botanical extracts and oils feed and care for your skin and connect you to nature in deeper and meaningful ways”.


To get to know what true beauty is through our symbols, click on our logo:

Now, what is true beauty for you?


1. In the centre, we have the Taoist symbol for longevity – based on the word Shòu – meaning long life and good health. The Taoist concept of health and longevity is very thorough in deep.

It stresses the importance of living by “The Way of Nature”, which is defined as one of simplicity, authenticity and spontaneity, in harmony with nature. However, this Taoist concept of health and longevity involves not only a natural and healthy lifestyle, but a particular attitude towards life and ourselves, that implies the search for the meaning of life and the care about our spiritual growth.

2. Surrounding Shòu, we have a ring of Peonies. It is an emblem of love and affection, and a symbol of feminine beauty in Chinese culture. Nevertheless, it’s part of our logo because in Green Life, we trust the Power of Nature to heal and generate beauty.

In fewer words, we believe:

“Beauty is the result of a natural and healthy lifestyle, the quest for finding meaning in our lives and the growth and wisdom we gain in this process”